Rehabilitation and Nursing services

in Middleport, OH

Understand the Overbrook Difference

Overbrook Rehabilitation Center in Middleport, OH, is an outstanding licensed and locally owned rehabilitation and skilled nursing center. We provide residents with the finest personal care, comfortable surroundings, and spotless accommodations to promote recovery and well-being. The team at Overbrook Rehabilitation Center commits to serving our residents, their families, and the many loyal community members who are part of our large staff. 

Overbrook Rehabilitation Center has a wonderful record and reputation for the highest quality staffing, measures, and heath inspections. We also have a Superior rating by the American Health Care Association on significant quality standards, related to low hospital remediation rate and low use of psychotropic medications. If you are looking for exceptional care for you or a loved one, call Overbrook Rehabilitation Center today at (740) 992-6472.

Short- and Long-Term Care Options

for Middleport Residents

Overbrook Rehabilitation Center offers both respite care and long-term care for patients in Middleport, OH, and the surrounding areas. Respite care, or short-term care, is common for those after a hospital stay. Overbrook Rehabilitation Center is here to help ease the transition between hospital and home, and increases the chances of a successful recovery.


Long-term care is for seniors who can no longer care for themselves. For those who need personal and nursing care needs 24/7, Overbrook Rehabilitation Center is here to help. Our staff aides in medical care, along with walking, eating, dressing, and other daily tasks. Those in long-term care also receive assistance with doctors’ appointments, proper nutrition, and regular medical assistance.

Why Choose

Overbrook Rehabilitation Center?

Overbrook Rehabilitation Center offers exceptional care that comes second to none. Choosing to bring a loved one to a nursing home can be an extremely difficult decision to make. Knowing that our facility has a high nurse-to-patient ratio, and an on-site medical director, makes the decision easier knowing that your loved one will have 24/7 care.

Along with our respite care and long-term care services, Overbrook Rehabilitation Center also offers the following outpatient therapy:

Contact us today to learn more about our services. We proudly serve Middleport, OH; Pomeroy, OH; Racine, OH; and the surrounding areas.

“I came to Overbrook for short-term care following my stroke. I gained tremendous strength and returned home confidently. My inpatient stay was full of so much encouragement.”
– F. C., Syracuse, OH

“I was really upset at first about bringing my mom to a nursing home. It was not long and I realized it is so much more than a nursing home. She is doing so well and socializing so much. We cannot give Overbrook enough praise – especially the activity department.”
– Family member, long-term care resident