Long-Term and outpatient care

for Patients in Mason, WV

Outpatient Therapy Options at Overbrook Rehabilitation Center

Overbrook Rehabilitation Center offers various in- and outpatient therapy options for patients in Mason, WV, and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to increase your quality of life, and have you feeling your best as soon as possible. Our services include:

Call Overbrook Rehabilitation Center at (740) 992-6472 for more information about our in- and outpatient therapy services. Our team provides each patient with their own, personalized plan, allowing for individualized growth and empowerment. Do not suffer from pain after an injury or accident, and talk with our staff about how to begin physical therapy.

Leon, WV’s, Choice for Effective Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathology, also known as speech therapy, works to improve speech and swallowing abilities. The therapists at Overbrook Rehabilitation Center therapists work closely with patients to work on speech, utilizing communication devices when necessary. We also provide swallowing assistance to make the dining experience much more enjoyable, and minimizing choking hazards. If you or a loved one needs speech-language pathology in Leon, WV, reach out to Overbrook Rehabilitation Center.

Long-Term Care for Residents of Point Pleasant, WV

Overbrook Rehabilitation Center offers long-term care for Point Pleasant-area seniors who can no longer care for themselves. If you or a loved one are looking into a nursing home or respite care facility, contact Overbrook Rehabilitation Center today. We have a full medical and nursing staff to aid residents in everyday tasks, along with volunteers to promote socialization and support. As a locally owned center, we work to have a clean space and a family-oriented atmosphere to really make residents feel at home.

Respite Services Available in Mason County

If you need respite care or short-term care in Point Pleasant, WV, talk with the staff at Overbrook Rehabilitation Center. If you are looking into long-term care, please note that a physician must confirm that it is necessary. We accept residents in Point Pleasant, WV; Leon, WV; Mason, WV; and the surrounding areas of Mason County.